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Medellin has been transformed by good urban design, bringing opportunities to the city’s most socially isolated. Or has it?
In our new post we ask: Medellin miracle or marketing hype?

Bienvenidos a mi casa :)

Hacienda de Cortes in Cuernavaca / Mexico (by starobs).

This boy carried the hopes of an entire nation…He made them dream, he made them believe and he gave them his all. He showed his talent, his love and his incredible sacrifice. The whole world stopped and watched you, James. Hold your head up high, champion. You’re incredible. GRANDE! ♥
James Rodriguez | Colombia |
James eres un Crack

Eiffel power by BertrandKulik

photo by Jay Bell | MY TUMBLR BLOG |
Breathe-taking Supercell in Nebraska. This sight is very much reminiscent of a throne of a thunder god - Zeus.
Maybe they could put that in, Smash of the Titans, or Crash of the Titans? Squash of the Titans, Steve Nash of the Titans? I dunno, well the third movie. Liam Neeson aka Zeus would just bolt up to his thunder cloud throne and be like “What I do have are a particular set of skills, a set of skills that make me a nightmare god for people like you.” He would then whip you over and over with a lightning whip because you’ve been such a naughty mortal, and also because you didn’t watch taken 3 where his third bastard cousin on his father’s side who married into his nephews mother side gets kidnapped. 

photo by Skyler Brownmodel: Caitlin Lukasiewicz

very slowly, pet … let your Master enjoy your beauty as you unpeel his toy